About Us

A multi-purpose air-conditioned laboratory which focuses on Hydrocarbon Training

The growing demand for food security, the preservation of fresh produce and the basic human comfort need for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is growing by the day. Anyone interested in becoming an Artisan should seriously consider a career in this vital section in the economy.

Built With Purpose

RAETECH Training Centre was built to address this industry shortage and also out of a pure passion for the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry. The mission of our Training Centre is to deliver quality new Artisans to the industry and to upskill Artisans already in the field, by adding value to their skill set.

Fully Accredited

RAETECH Training Centre is a fully accredited (NAMB/QCTO/DHET) training and trade test centre offering learnerships, apprenticeships and adult training in our air conditioning and refrigeration training centre. No:01-QCTO/SDP110522-5431
All the training is housed in a modern commercial building equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. All equipment is in a serviceable condition. The layout of the centre was carefully planned to ensure that our students will have the look and feel of a typical setting to the technical nature of the fields of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. The Training Centre is located in Paarl (4 Triangle Street, Triangle Park, Paarl). The premises comprise of offices and air-conditioned and ventilated lecture rooms and workshop area. The large workshop is fully equipped for crucial hands-on training, an absolute necessity when training in the highly technical fields of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

A multi-purpose air-conditioned laboratory which focuses on Hydrocarbon Training was built with small scale cold rooms, where the students are exposed and trained how to handle flammable refrigerants. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary alarms systems and all required safety precautions. We also have a fully operational CO2 cold room where the students will be trained in the use of CO2 Refrigeration equipment.

The Trade Test Area, which is a separate room, are of modern design with air conditioning to ensure that the candidate can perform the trade test tasks without interference from other students.

Our Facilitators

Our students / apprentices will be trained by expert Facilitators that have years of experience in the trade of Refrigeration & Air conditioning. The classes are interactive with real examples of different pieces of equipment to explain hands on the function and the operation. The Facilitators are NAMB / merSETA registered as Assessors and Moderators to ensure that the training are of the highest standard.

The Raetech Diploma

The RAETECH Diploma is a unique, specifically designed set of training modules that encompasses most of the training that an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician needs to be competent to perform the work to a high standard.

Course Objectives, Outcomes, Prices, and Dates are outlined individually in our Courses page.

It is not necessary to complete all the courses at once, specific training can be selected and broken up into sections, it must just be completed in sequence.